How to Start a Blog using Blogger

Everyone has a passion for writing. They want to share their knowledge around the World. It helps those who are interested in writing and they want to share their knowledge with others globally. According to me, blogging means “Share your knowledge” Sharing their knowledge around the world by writing a book is not easy to reach for all. 

    But, using the internet it is possible. That's why we use a blogging platform to write articles and spread them around the world. Blogger, WordPress, etc. are the free blogging sites available for bloggers for writing articles. Blogging not only shares the knowledge but also it can make money from the readers.

About the Blogger

Blogger is a world-famous free blogging platform. It was developed by Pyra Labs and later it was bought by Google in the year 2003.
 It is hosted by Google with the subdomain called “”. And also served with custom domain names. eg (like “”).

Unique Features of Blogger

Create a Beautiful Blog for Free

You can create a beautiful blog by adding new templates from Blogger and other third-party developers. And also you can customize the look and feel of your blog.

Free Domain Name for Blog

Blogger gives you a free domain name. You can also buy a custom domain name and add it to the blog.

Earn Money from Blogger Adsense Program

 Google AdSense can automatically display relevant ads on your blog site so that you can earn money by posting articles and AdSense paid you.

Worldwide Audience for Growing Your Blog

Grow your audience by Blogger, It will reach your blog to the entire world. Anyone can read your blog post and become a blog member.

Step by Step Guide to Start a Blog on Blogger

Step 1 - Create a Gmail Account 

Before you are going to start a blog on Blogger you must have a google mail (Gmail) account. First, we create a new Gmail account by clicking here. Once you already own a Gmail account then you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 1 - Create a Gmail Account

Step 2 - SignUp for Blogger

Once you have a Gmail account you can sign up with a blogger using an email that was created. SIGN IN button to create a blogger account.

Step 3 - Create a New Blog

After Sign in you have accessed the Dashboard of Blogger. On the top left corner, you have found the Create Blog Button to create a news blog. This will open a new popup.

Step 4 - Name Your Blog

Once Popup will open you will set your blog name as your wish. In the above example, I will add a name like “YOUR BLOG NAME” and click on the NEXT button.

Step 4 - Name Your Blog

Step 5 - Setup URL Address for Blog

After naming the blog you must create a new URL address for your blog. The URL may not contain any special character except hyphen (-).
 For example, I create a URL ( like and click on the Save button. This will create your blog.

Step 5 - Setup URL Address for Blog

Step 6 - Create a First Post

In Blogger Dashboard, you can create a blog post by clicking (+) Create a new post button, This opens a new post editor and adds your post title and description. And also you can find the post Labels, Published on, Permalink, Location, and Other Settings to create a post. Once your post is ready you can now Publish your post now or save for the future.

Step 6 - Create a First Post

Step 7 - Create Pages

Every website should have some pages like About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, terms, and Conditions, etc. By clicking Create a new page (+) button and add the Page Title and description click on the publish button to add pages to your blog.

And you are almost done with basic blogging setup with Blogger. In the next article, you will learn about Advance Blogger settings.

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